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TO USE CLIMANEED – LOGIN IN THE UPPER LEFT CORNER. – For every time you are logged in 24 hours on ClimaNeed, we plant a tree for you for free

Why do ClimaNeed plant trees?
Trees are one of the best tools to remove our CO2 pollution from cars, factories, etc., as the trees absorb and lives on CO2. Therefore, if we do not have enough trees on the planet, the pollution and temperature will rise. So, let’s use Climaneed as much as possible together and we can help our planet back on the right track again.

CO2 Calculation
Being online for 24 hours with your smartphone emits approximately 48 grams of CO2 on average.
Trees have an average lifespan of 40 years worldwide and absorb about 8800 grams of CO2 per tree.
That means for every 24 hours you’ve been online on, you’re polluting with approximately 48 grams of CO2.
ClimaNeed then also plants a corresponding tree for you for free, which collects approximately 8800 grams of CO2.
48 grams of CO2 pollution minus 8800 grams of CO2 absorbed by the tree = 8752 grams of CO2, which can be additionally absorbed per tree planted.

Why plant trees? Today, the forest area of the globe is just under 4 billion hectares. Since agriculture has started its entry, at least a third of the globe’s forest areas have been cleared and on an annual basis, about 13 million hectares of forest are felled. It is therefore important that we replant trees and establish forests so that we can continue to maintain a balance for the climate and the ecosystems of which the trees are a part of.

Trees are fundamental and form the basis of our climate. Among other things, they contribute to store soil and water, control avalanches, desertification as well as protect coastal areas and stabilize dunes. Trees and shrubs play a vital role in daily life in rural areas. They provide wood for fuel, food, feed, essential oils, resin and latex, medicine and shade. Likewise, all forest animals have a crucial role in forest ecology, such as pollination, seed dispersal and germination, etc.

The loss of natural forests around the world, contributes more to global emissions annually, than the entire transport sector (cars, planes, trains, etc.). It is therefore essential that we do something now. Help us re-establish the forests that are getting smaller every day. You can start with a single tree by using time on ClimaNeed or donate. Everything makes a difference.

We plant trees in all the places below in collaboration with:


North‎‎‎‎‎-America, Latin-America, Africa, Asia, Europe, The-Pacific,‎‎ Nepal

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