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ClimaNeed.com – For every time you are logged in 24 hours on ClimaNeed, we plant a tree for you for free. ClimaNeed is a social media where we help the climate by just being logged in, reading posts, sharing posts, chatting or following users. 

We developed the platform so we together fast can make a difference and stop the temperature rises as soon as possible.

Why do we plant trees?
Trees are one of the best tools to remove our CO2 pollution from cars, factories, etc., as the trees absorb and lives on CO2. Therefore, if we do not have enough trees on the planet, the pollution and temperature will rise. So, let’s use Climaneed as much as possible together and we can get our planet back on the right track again.


When you login, there is a tree counter in the top right corner, that records your time on ClimaNeed “filling up the tree with green color” and every time it rounds 24 active hours, we plant a tree for you. There is also a counter on top of the tree “the number”, that counts all the trees we plant together on ClimaNeed. Top100 is a list of all the people who have planted most trees in total.

Extra trees.

You have the option of raising your number of planted trees on your profile, by purchasing additional trees. See more at climaneed.com/plant-a-tree

All revenue is generated from the banners on ClimaNeed.
70% of the revenue goes to tree planting.
30% of the revenue goes to server and website/app operation.

Contact us?
Feel free to send us an email anytime: hl@climaneed.com.

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